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Business Beyond Usual is a podcast from MBA students at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan. In each episode, classmates tackle a burning issue in the business world or business education. There are no rules, no moderators, and no boundaries. This isn’t your typical b-school podcast. We’re taking business beyond usual.

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    #308 - So, Your Partner Wants To Become An MBA Student ... What now?!

    It’s our first partners-only episode! We’ve kicked out (most of) our regular crew and have asked the partners of current MBA students to come together and dish on what it’s like to move across the world to be with your significant other while they pursue their MBA.

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    #307 - What Does A "Career In Tech” Even Mean?

    With so many business functions mixed with industry crossovers, it’s hard to nail down exactly what a career in tech for MBA graduates looks like. If you think about it hard enough, it begs the question: “Does Tech Even Know What Tech Is?”

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    #306 - “It’s a Swanky Town” — MBAs Discussing Life in Ann Arbor

    MBA students from Michigan Ross discuss everything from the nightlife and food scene to the must-do activities that have alumni and students alike calling Ann Arbor their second home.

    Plus, the “Salsa King of Ross” offers his suggestions for the best local place to cut a rug.

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    #302 - WTF? We're Talking Finance

    Investment banking. Private Wealth Management. Hedge Funds. Leveraged Buyouts. Yield Curves. WTF does all that mean? This episode: We’re Talking Finance.

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    #208 - Cinnamon Rolls the Size of Your Face

    “We know we have cinnamon rolls the size of your face, and we’re innovating around that.”

    In this episode, we sit down with the President and CEO of Cinnabon, Joe Guith.

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    #205 - A Conversation with Charlie Munger

    Charlie Munger joins the Dean of the Ross School of Business for a candid talk about Munger's life and career, and some hot global trends.

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    #203 - The Globetrotting Adventures of MBAs

    If you follow any MBA students on Instagram, you know they seem to travel the world... a lot. In this episode, Ramu sits down with three MBAs who recently studied abroad.

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    #111 - Professor vs. Students: The Great Debate

    In this episode, we’re pitting MBA students against their professor in a live, on-stage debate about a hot topic in the business world: Should U.S. companies voluntarily offer paid family leave for parents?

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    #110 - A Most Unusual Semester

    This past term for first-year MBA students at the Ross School of Business was anything but typical.

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    #108 - Women in Business

    Women are incredibly impactful leaders, but there is still a lot of work left to do to open the doors of opportunity for women throughout the business world. Today, women make up less than 5 percent of CEO jobs at fortune 500 companies – despite mountains of research and evidence showing that having more women in leadership roles leads to better business performance.

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    #107 - How to Prepare for Business School

    We received an email from a listener who had some questions about how to prepare himself for two years of business school. So Ramu went on a quest to find some answers.

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    #106 - Business In Society: Part 2 - Making a Difference

    As we heard in the first part of this episode, the role businesses should play in society is a topic of much debate in the world today – and there’s no question that MBA students and the leaders of tomorrow will play a big role in shaping the outcome of those discussions.

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    #104 - The Technology Boom for MBAs

    Technology is the fastest growing industry in terms of hiring MBAs, and more than 20% of the Michigan Ross Class of 2016 took a post-Ross job in Technology. What’s behind the boom? And what does it mean to pursue a technology career during an MBA?

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    #103 - An Ambassador, A Senator, and An International Economist

    MBA students are surrounded by experts on business and the economy, so for this episode, Host Ramu Annamalai talks to several of them at Michigan Ross to get their reflections on the U.S. presidential election and the future of the global economy.

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    #101 - Perception Vs. Reality

    When coming into business school, it’s natural to have 100 ideas in your head about what the experience will be like. In this episode, host Ramu Annamalai will be joined by two fellow students to talk about their perceptions before coming to school and how reality has completely shattered with they thought they knew.

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    Coming Soon: Business Beyond Usual

    New voices, fresh perspectives, and nothing is off the table.

    Get ready for Business Beyond Usual: a new podcast from MBA students at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.

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